David Pascador: E-RYT

I was the typical stressed out guy who couldn’t even touch his toes. I always tried to do too much in all areas of life which only resulted in an unhealthy lifestyle and high blood pressure. I also developed plantar fasciitis and other related problems due to a 2003 snowboarding accident in which I broke my pelvis. Ironically I found Yoga as I was preparing for a 2011 snowboarding trip. I went to my first Hot Yoga class in December 2010 and I was hooked immediately. Yoga along with healthier eating and a more growth mindset resulted in shedding over 55 pounds in three years. But more importantly, yoga helped me to better manage my mind, my ego, and how I reacted to things. I knew early on that I wanted to teach as I loved practicing so much and was inspired by the teachers’ encouragement and how they helped me and others. I completed the 200 Hour Yoga Alliance certification in November 2013 and I started teaching immediately. I have accumulated almost 2000 teaching hours teaching mostly studio yoga classes, along with foundation workshops and private instruction. I’m a dad living in Maricopa with my 15 year old daughter and 12 year old son who enjoy offering music suggestions for my class playlists. They always inspire me to take yoga teaching and being a dad to the next level.