Bobbi Jo Asher : Owner/RYT

When I started my health and wellness journey two years ago, I decided I would give yoga a try. I’d never had an interest in yoga before and certainly didn’t expect to fall in love with my practice. In 2017, I weighed over 450 pounds resulting in an extremely unhealthy, depressed, miserable me. I was in so much physical pain that I spent most of my days sedentary only further complicating my issues. I knew things had to change. I took control of my nutrition and dedicated all of my time and energy to getting well and feeling better. I decided to give yoga a try, walked in to my first class fully expecting to fail, and instead…loved every single moment. Each and every day, I fall more in love with my practice and myself. Yoga is so much more than exercise and asanas on a mat. Yoga is learning to sit with yourself, love yourself, honor yourself, and recognize the good and bad so you can address it and move forward. Yoga has been the key to my success. I still love cardio and lifting weights but yoga addresses your mind, body, and soul. 

I decided I wanted to share my passion for yoga with others that may have felt like me. Those that feel like they’re not small enough, flexible enough, or good enough to do yoga. Yoga is for everyBODY. If you can breathe, you can yoga. In October 2018, inspired by my instructors, friends, and family, I went to Bali for Yoga Teacher Training. I spent three week in a yoga shala in the jungle outside of Ubud with some incredible students and instructors from all over the world; surrounded by love, positive energy, and incredible vibrations. I hope to bring that same experience to you here at Freedom Fitness & Yoga.