I started my yoga journey at the Copper Sky Recreation Complex here in Maricopa, Arizona. A friend saw that I was taking just about every class on Copper Sky’s schedule except yoga and suggested I try it. I adamantly insisted yoga was not for me and she assured me that it would be a wonderful addition to my health and wellness transformation. Reluctantly, I agreed to try it and here we are almost two years later. Copper Sky was a wonderful place to start but after spending time in a yoga shala in Bali for training and visiting some beautiful yoga studios in the valley, I no longer desired to practice yoga in the gym. 

Pam Martin captured this image in the studio and said, “Beautiful space. Truly a yoga experience for every BODY. Classes available for all levels of the yoga and fitness journey.”

The Sanskrit word “shala” means “house, abode, or home.” A yoga shala is a “house of yoga”, something the gym certainly is not. This is not to discount the power of your breath, your mat, and the fact that you can find yoga within yourself anywhere and anytime. However, there is a whole lot to be said about the nurturing, supportive environment and amazing, collective energy that is shared in a yoga studio. That is what you’ll find at Freedom Fitness & Yoga. This is what we strive to create. Actually, all we did was provide a place and space. It is what you all create each and every time you join us for a practice. 

When I returned from Bali, I offered to teach for my friends at Crossfit Maricopa. As I laid looking up into the rafters, surrounded by bars, black gym mats, the smell of iron, etc. I knew I needed to create something more for Maricopa. Don’t get me wrong, I still love Copper Sky and workout there when I can. I love lifting weights and getting a good pump in at Crossfit Maricopa when my schedule allows. I love fitness in general in just about every way, shape or form. Don’t let our name fool you. We are Freedom Fitness & Yoga strictly because of the alliteration. I am a Certified Personal Trainer and can help you with any of your fitness and transformation goals but yoga is our priority. Yoga is so much more than fitness and for that reason, it needed a home. 

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