Beckah has been a long time friend and was one of our very first yogi clients. I started my yoga journey when I was still over 400 pounds and though I never personally felt intimidated, I know many people that do. I wanted to design and offer a class that was centered around assuring people of all shapes and sizes that they didn’t have to wait until they had (what they envisioned to be) a “yoga body” to find and love their practice. Any BODY that can breathe IS a “yoga body.” 

I asked Beckah to share a few words about her experience at Freedom Fitness & Yoga and this is what she had to say:

I have been going to Freedom Fitness & Yoga since they opened in March of this year. I never in a million years thought that I would not only like, but LOVE yoga. In addition, I have met the most amazing support group and instructors at Freedom Fitness & Yoga. Every coach is loving, supportive, and compassionate. I have truly been blessed with friends that have become more like family.

From the day I started, I was welcomed with love, understanding, and open arms. I have been able to start to heal emotionally and spiritually. Yoga has helped relieve pain associated with my auto immune diseases tremendously, and has helped me to lose quite a bit of weight as well. I am walking proof, that no matter your size, you can start your yoga practice and change your life.

Beckah Dzuriga

It has been such a joy to watch Beckah’s practice improve each and every time she steps onto her mat. We are so glad she took a chance on us but more importantly, on herself. 

“All progress begins with a brave decision.”~Marie Forleo

  1. That is AWESOME!!!. So glad that she is staying commited to Yoga. Proud of her and accomplishments so far. She is a amazing wife, mother and friend / Family / Sis. Keep it up sis and keep improving. Your doing great and love ya. Get it girl 💪💪

    • So glad she has a support system out of the studio and gym as well. Keep cheering her on, it definitely helps stay the course.

    • Thanks brotha. You’ve been another person always there for me as well through our weightloss journeys. Means a lot !!

  2. This is Beckahs mom. I want to say I’m very proud she found a group of ladies she enjoys being with. I’ve seen the weight coming off and happy for you kiddo. Keep up the good work. I really feel you will be happy with the outcome. Love ya.

  3. Love the journey you are following! Keep following it! It will only get better.

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